Annual Update – 2012 Entries

New Entries included in the 2012 Annual Update

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Agee, Philip (1935-2008)
Apel, Karl-Otto (1922-)
Autonomia Operaia

Badiou, Alain (1937-)
Battle of Algiers: Film as Revolutionary Spectacle
Battleship Potemkin: Film as Celluloid Revolution
Bernocchi, Piero (b. 1947)
Bettelheim, Bruno (1903-1990)

Constitutional Reform in Bolivia, 2005-Present

Derrida, Jacques (1930-2004)




Habermas, Jurgen (b. 1929)
Heidegger, Martin (1889-1976)
Hightower, Jim (b. 1943)

Irigaray, Luce (b. 1930)
Italy, Compromesso Storico/Historic Compromise

Jones, Claudia (1915-1964)


Lacan, Jacques (1901-1981)
L'Ordine Nuovo
Lotta Continua
Lynd, Staughton (b. 1929)

Marable, Manning (1950-2011)
Mari Bras, Juan (1927-2010)
Mass Worker

New School Occupation and Reoccupations: 2008, 2009, 2011

October: Film and the Bolshevik Revolution
Oilfields Workers' Trade Union, Trinidad and Tobago (1937-)

Piven, Frances Fox (b. 1932)
Potere Operaio


Roy, Arundhati (b. 1961)

Schmitt, Carl (1888-1985)

Tucker, Jerry (b. 1938)

University of California Protests, 2009


West, Cornel (b. 1953)





Anarchism, Austria
Anarchism, Belgium
Anarchism, Brazil
Anarchism, Cuba
Anarchism, Denmark
Anarchism, Germany
Anarchism, India
Anarchism, Israel and Palestine
Anarchism, the Netherlands
Anarchism, Norway
Anarchism, the Philippines
Anarchism, Sweden
Anarchism, Switzerland
Anti-nuclear movement, Norway
Aquino, Benigno, Jr. (1932–1983)
Asian American protest movements
Aung San Suu Kyi (b. 1945)
Australia,  unemployed movement
Australian utopian communities
Awolowo, Obafemi (1909–1987) 
Batthyány, Ervin (1877–1945)
Battle at Old Market Square, Winnipeg, 1934 
Bayer, Osvaldo (b. 1927)
Bentham, Jeremy (1748–1832)  
Bhutan, protest and revolt
Biko, Stephen Bantu (1946–1977)
Blum, Léon (1872–1950) and the Popular Front
Bonnot Gang
Bookchin, Murray (1921–2006)
Brigantaggio, 1860–1870
Bulgaria, social movements and institutional control, 1944–1989
Cafiero, Carlo (1846–1892)
Camejo, Josefa (1791–1862)
Chechnya, protest and rebellion
Chile, anti-neoliberal protests
Claramunt Creu, Teresa (1861–1931)
Colombia, insurrection of the Comuneros, 1781–1782
Combatants for Peace
Costa, Andrea (1851–1910)
De Leon, Daniel (1852–1914)
Dellinger, David (1915–2004)
Devlin McAliskey, Bernadette (b. 1947)
Dominican Republic, opposition to neoliberal reform, 1970s-2000s
Dos Passos, John (1896–1970)
Dos Santos Albasini, João (1876–1922)
Environmental protest, Europe
Farga Pellicer, Rafael (1844–1890)
Faure, Sébastien (1858–1942)
Films, protest, France
First Wave Feminism
Fisher, Percy (1891–1922)
Flushing Remonstrance
German Communist Party, workers and the founding of, 1918–1920
Giovannitti, Arturo (1884–1959)
González Prada, Manuel (1844–1918)
Gustavo, Soledad (1865–1939)
Haitian Revolution, legacy of 
Harlem Brundland, Gro (b.1939)
Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins (1825–1911)
Heywood, Ezra (1829–1893)
Hong Xiuquan (1814–1864)
Indigenous radicalism
Ingrao, Pietro (b.1915)
Italy, antifascist ideology
Japan, student movements
Jefferson, Thomas (1743–1826) and his Revolutionary Idea
Kadalie, Clements (c.1896–1951)
Kenya, neoliberalism and women's protest
Klein, Naomi (b. 1970) and the movement against neoliberal globalization
Kotane, Moses (1905–1978)
Labuda, Barbara (b.1946) 
Lazare, Bernard (1865–1903)
Lehr-und-Wehr Vereine
Lorenzo, Anselmo (1841–1914)
Lum, Dyer (1839–1893)
Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion
Malon, Benoît (1841–1893)
Mann, Tom (1856–1941)
Marley, Bob (1945–1981)
Marsden, Dora (1882–1960)
Masini, Pier Carlo (1923–1998)
Mathews, Tom (1866–1915) 
Mayakovsky, Vladimir (1893–1930)
Mella, Ricardo (1861–1925)
Mera Sanz, Cipriano (1897–1975)
Montseny, Federica (1905–1994)
Most, Johann (1846–1906)
MOVE/MOVE bombing
Nenni, Pietro (1891–1980)
Nieuwenhuis, Ferdinand Domela (1846–1919)
Ona, Francis (ca. 1953–2005)
Paris Commune and women
Peasant movements, 19th and 20th centuries
Perovskaya, Sofya (1853–1881) and the Narodnaja Volja ("the will of the people")
Pi y Margall, Francisco (1824–1901)
Pinelli, Giuseppe (1928–1969)
Plaatje, Solomon Tshekisho (1876–1932)
Pouget, Émile (1860–1931)
Propaganda by the deed
Provos Revolt
Rap and hip hop music as social protest
Read, Patrick Joseph (1899–1947)
Reitman, Benjamin (1879–1942)
Reprise Individuelle
Republic of New Afrika
Rhodakanaty, Plotino Constantino (1828–?)
Samkange, Sketchley Siyangapi  (1936–1961)
Sankara, Thomas (1949–1987)
Secchia, Pietro (1903–1973)
Second Wave feminism
Serbia, Protests against Milošević, 1991–2000
Sha'rawi, Huda (1879–1947)
Sofri, Adriano (b.1942)
Sorel, Georges (1847–1922) 
Souza, João Francisco de (1944–2008)
Spartacist Uprising
Spooner, Lysander (1808–1887)
Student movements, Chicano/a, 1960s-2000s
The Crisis
Third wave feminism
Tompkins Square Park and Lower East Side protest and unrest, 1820s-1980s
Tuareg Uprising, Niger
Vallès, Jules (1832–1885)
Varlin, Eugène (1839–1871)
Voline (1882–1945)
Walter, Nicolas (1934–2000)
Warren, Josiah (1798–1874)
Weather Underground
Weber, Max (1864–1920)
Women Strike for Peace
Women's movement, Canada
Women's movement, Nigeria
Women's movement, Peru
Wright, Richard (1908–1960)
Xuma, Alfred Bitini (1893–1962)
Young Lords

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